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About Us

Big-Plast je is an energetic company whose journey began in 1995. We started manufacturing consumer goods, only to specialize later in production of plastic, decorative flower pots. Today we are doing the complete manufacturing process of decorative flower pots, made of high quality plastic. Our imperative is to follow the industry trends, so along with the innovative solutions, we became the market leaders.

We are offering you modern, elegant and trendy flower pots. Also, the innovative MAGNETIKA flower pots, with complementary metal frames, make the perfect combination, with the existing color palettes. It all results in a magnificent visual unity, which in many ways enhances your living or working space. Our flower pots speak many languages! See for yourselves.
Cordially Yours, BIGPlast


To create such products, our company has been divided into teams of high achievers.

  • Innovation and Design Team
  • Mold Designing Team
  • Decorative Flower Pots Manufacturing Team
  • Export and Wholesale Team
  • Retail Online Store for Domestic Market Team.

Flower pots

The beauty of BigPlast decorative flower pots lies in its design, which is greatly inspired with modern architecture. The flower pots will give your home, garden, balcony or patio a very modern look. Our modern flower pots could find their places everywhere: on the table, on the floor, in the window, on the balcony – they will definitely give the new look to your own personal or public space.

You can choose the high gloss or rattan patterns by yourself. Eleven forms in plenty of sizes and over 10 colors will bring the much needed positive energy into your life.





Dentelle vista

Diva round

Diva square




Orchid oval

Orchid rattan




Stars rattan

Window box rattan


Be Creative!
Flower pots with magnet are off to create a completely new experience in your environment.

This elegant system made of flower pots and metal carriers, in appealing shapes and colours will give your rooms that extraordinary feel.

There is a vast number of combinations of the flower pots, together with wooden or metal panels on which you hang them. The choice of the combination is up to you!

Magnetika 6

Magnetika 9

Magnetika Cube

Magnetika Hello

Magnetika panel 1

Magnetika panel 2

Magnetika Twin

Healthy Life

The modern life, its tempo and our environment sometimes forces us to take various supplements or medicines during the day.

Our HealthyLife Pill Organizer with magnet will make your daily medicine intake easier for you. You can take it with you or leave it on the fridge door. The magnet will keep it secure.

Pill organizer

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