About our watering system

In this section you will see how easy it is to use our watering system. The system comes with Pearl, Pearlina, Diva & Diva Square models.

  • Attach the indicator holder to the saucer.

    Put the water indicator in the holder.

  • Put everything together in a flowerpot.

    Add high quality flower humus.

  • Plant flowers that you like.

    Over the next 10 weeks continue watering the plants as you normally do (watering from above).

  • After the first 10 weeks, fill the water reservoir until your water indicator level reaches the ”max” mark. When after several days or weeks, indicator level reads
    that the water is on the “min” mark, fill the water reservoir again to the “max”.Enjoy in your healthy and beautiful flowers every day.

  • Diva Watering System

  • Diva Square Watering System

  • Pearl Watering System

  • Pearlina Watering System